Smart Customer- Interaction and Experience (CX)  Management 

Artificial Intelligence and Automation

The possibilities of improving customer communication and reducing costs in your customer interface and customer process are greater than ever thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning methods. TrustCom AI offers next-generation process-based solutions for agent support, email automation, chat bots and virtual sales coaching. With TrustCom AI, you can also fully automate today's contact center tasks such as form filling, compliance checks, and post-call work, while freeing your agents for high-value interactions or more complex tasks.

Voice- Portal und Biometric Solutions

Leading language technologies enable your company to automatically identify, understand and serve your customers. The customer experience plays a crucial role in the use of today's voice portal technologies. Routine tasks can now be fully automated, while meeting high safety and quality requirements. Artificial intelligence (AI) can play a decisive role in this. Core elements of this voice portal are speech recognition (NLP) in various languages, text to speech, speech to text, Smart IVR Solutions as well as voice biometrics for confidential business over the telephone. This integrates into an Omnichannel Management environment for a seamless customer experience, even in Swiss German.