Management Consulting and Executive Services

Our team supports, accompanies and advises management committees and executives in organizations. According to the customer's needs, we provide adequate support in getting back on the right track, choosing the right strategy and achieving the required goal. We have a high level of professional competence and practical experience in the management of companies in order to positively accompany the individual situations of our clients.

Strategy, innovation and organisational development

We help your company to be more successful and innovative. The strategy consultancy for corporate design has thirty years of cross-industry experience in the design of strategies and organizations. Our management consultants are specialized in developing strategies, business processes, business models, innovations and culture precisely, aligning them consistently and implementing them in a goal-oriented manner. The basis of TrustCom's cross-industry corporate design approach is based on sound methodologies such as OKR (agile corporate structure) for the future-oriented design of companies in view of the rapid changes brought about by digitalisation.

Conflict, crisis, change and transformation management

TrustCom's specialists have many years of global and practice-oriented conflict, change and transformation management expertise. With a methodology developed by TrustCom, we can provide professional support for your operational and organizational changes. As certified mediators HSG, SDM-FSM, we can support you in complex and multi-party conflicts to find sustainable and balanced solutions. Our experts help to initiate the change process and accompany it according to your specific requirements and organizational circumstances.

Business Development and Sales Excellence

With our marketing and sales specialists, we concentrate on sustainable branding and increasing the implementation competence in marketing and sales. Your sales department knows connections, processes, methods, tactics and has powerful CRM tools for marketing all products and services! Nevertheless, the success remains below expectations? We actively support you in your sales activities. Through the specific use of our marketing and sales experts, the effectiveness and efficiency of sales is increased, the time-to-market is shortened and the closing rates are increased.